You Pay Me to Work Here?

You Pay Me to Work Here?

Top 3 Reasons to Work on a Golf Course

Mathew Figley

28 Aug 2018


There is nothing better than watching the sunrise over your favorite golf hole on your favorite course.   As avid golfers we know that’s what we are there for. Don’t try to kid yourself! Hello, my name is Mathew Figley, and hopefully, this is the first of many posts. I currently work at the Tampa Palms Golf and Country Club in Tampa, FL. I would like to start this blog with the understanding that my experience is very limited in the industry, with nothing more than a B.S. from Penn State in Turfgrass Science and my short time with Club-Corp. Without going into details, but will expand upon in later posts, is the fact that I am retiring from the Army next month after 20 years of military service, most of which was in special operations. I am also currently attending the University of Tampa pursuing my MBA, and this blog is one of my projects. Don’t fret though; this is not a temporary endeavor. I have a wide range of blog ideas and topics I have in mind for the future.

Working on a golf course is not an easy job and the pay is nominal, but boy does it have a great view. I remember my first day at Tampa Palms and thought to myself, “Why am I getting paid to do this, I should be paying them!” There were deer and their fawn running carefree leaving their hoof prints in the dew, turkeys wandering the fairways aimlessly, alligators relaxing in the ponds, and various species of waterfowl patrolling the grounds searching for worms and insects. And, of course, don’t forget the view looking back across the 10th hole. It was beyond description. When discussing this thought with my boss, following a quick lesson in cup cutting, he shared that he felt the same way and still does, since he started the job so many years ago. It’s not a 9 to 5 but better than sitting in a cubical.

If you are more of an intellectual sort, and the serenity I described has not made you submit your resume to Augusta National, golf course work is more then cutting grass. Critical thinking and problem-solving is a vital aspect of being successful.   This is not a job that you can just do what’s always been done to make your way by. No!   You need to know biology, chemistry, and math, and you have to love it. “Biology is beautiful and chemistry is interesting enough!” That is my saying.

As always, with any job, it is the people that matter the most. The exposure to the members and co-workers on a daily basis who are also passionate about either the agronomics or the game keep me working the extra hours or playing a round of golf after a long day. It is the joy of the game with people that enjoy it too.

I am not going to tell you why you should work on a golf course but I do it for the people, the science, and the beauty.

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